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Akcome invited to attend Workshop for Corporate Culture Advancement in Wuxi Non-public Enterprises 2012-09-25
Wuxi local government held the Advancement Workshop called “Tens of Thousands of Projects”for Corporate Culture Development in Wuxi Non-public Enterprises on the morning of August 30th. Three hundred people, including leaders of the United Front Work Department, Federation of Trade Unions and Association of Industry and Commerce at all levels in Wuxi, as well as chairmen, general managers and other high-leveled managers, attended it. As an excellent enterprise of corporate culture development in Wuxi, Akcome Group was honored to accept the invitation.
Speech Contest for Corporate Culture Finals in Success 2012-09-25
A fantastic speech contest started at the Auditorium on the second floor of the Administration Building of Akcome Group on the afternoon of August 24th, 2012, with a view to enhance Akcome staff’s understanding and identification about Akcome’s guiding principles of its corporate culture and create a harmonious and effective working atmosphere. After the story-planning of Corporate Culture Department and screening among the group, ten Akcome staff from different sections and positions was selected to go into a match on the challenging stage.
Onsite Seminar on Corporate Culture Goes Smooth 2012-09-24
The onsite seminar on the guiding principles of Akcome’s corporate culture was held as scheduled at Room 103 for training of the Administration Building  on the afternoon of July 16th, in order to strengthen Akcome staff’s understanding and identification about Akcome’s guiding principles of its corporate culture and put the principles into practice. More than 30 managing staff from the headquarters, Zhangjiagang Base of Business Unit of Metals, Business Unit of New Materials, and the institute attended the meeting.
Corporate Culture Workshop among Middle-lower Management of Akcome 2012-09-24

The general trade union of Akcome Group visited more than 80 staff from its six subsidiaries, covering two business units and the technology center in the first two weeks of June, for the purpose of knowing the true thoughts of the workers at the producing lines after the integral moving of the company and other big movements, as well as providing decision basis for the leaders. Five conferences of “speak it out, sisters and bros” were held and more than 30 pieces of staff’s opinions were collected.

Kick-off for Discussion about “Contributor Foremost” 2012-09-24
Akcome’s Kick-off meeting for discussion about “Contributor Foremost” and leader management in the first quarter of 2012 was held at the auditorium of Akcome on the morning of April 21st. Zou Chenghui, Chairman of the Board and President of Akcome Group attended this meeting. More than 150 managing people above corporate manager level also attended it.
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