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Akcome is a high-tech company which focuses on producing accessories and providing service for solar industry. It was established on March, 2006 in Huashi town of Jiangyin city, which is a famous southern town as the economic center of China and the flourishing district in solar industry. In August of 2011, Jiangsu Akcome Solar Science & Technology Co., Ltd. was listed on Shenzhen Stock Exchange. (Stock for short is Akcome technology and its code is 002610)
From founding Aluminum to processing the Aluminum frame , from investigating and producing EVA film, junction box and solar mounting system to constructing the solar station, Akcome has already involved in the back-end of solar industry chain. We can supply more professional , high quality and various service.
Akcome insist on the belief of “technology first, people foremost”, highly valuing technology and innovation. Based on cooperation with Wuxi Academician Work Station and Jiangsu Engineering Technology Centre, through efficient combination of manufacturing and researching work, Akcome has been conducting technical applicable research and development. Relying on good market reputation, Akcome is recognized as “Global Well-know Brand that Jiangsu Province Prioritize and Foster” by Jiangsu Provincial Commercial Bureau.
We firmly believe that, in the time of saving energy and protecting our environment , we have the confidence and ability to protect the green earth in a indebted heart with our associate.
There is never an era like now when the world like a village without communication trouble; and never era like now when stories of starting a business come out one after another and business hero come forth in large number.
It is in such an era that Akcome has been founded. In the past years, Akcome has been rapidly developing with proud achievements. We have built up win-win situation through sincere cooperation with customers. We step forward despite of setbacks one after another. In the meantime, we are delighted that Akcome has been listed since August 2011, which is a new start for Akcome to create another great success.

All the glories and honors belong to the past. We will make more efforts in the future.

Akcome will continuously improve itself in the four aspects of manpower, culture and science and technology. On the basis of established policy system, quality system and budget management system. Akcome will optimize the systems by introducing IBM management and consultation system. In the meantime, Akcome will bring the manpower cultivation to a higher level by implementing seven manpower programs. Besides, Akcome will gradually foster enterprise culture with characteristic of its own, continue to carry forward the spirit of innovation in science and technology. It will further carry forward its competitive strength by fostering the inner quality on one hand and expanding the market on the other hand.

We are convinced that no matter in the past or in the future, Akcome will never strive for profits only but to pave a way for development of new energy. To be a respectable enterprise will be our ultimate aim, which will become the spiritual support for us to unceasingly step forward.

Full of passion and dream, Akcome people will continuously strive to make new headway and step forward in confidence. We also expect to work together with those who stand high and aim far while staying practically, to perform the responsibility for the society and achieve the ideal of life.

As an old Chinese saying goes, “As to the horse, a single horse wanders around while flocks of horses gallop forward; as to human beings, an individual can hardly achieve great achievements without good team-work sense”. Future competition is centered on management. That is to say, the competition focuses on the effective management towards internal members and good communication with other units, which is one of the key factors affecting corporate sustainable development, reform and reproduction. Akcome has a high- efficient management team, all managers of which have always been interdependent. With a clear objective and an effective management system, they support, trust and understand with each other. It ’s these managers that have not only strengthened Akcome’s cohesiveness, but also promoted Akcome’s flourishing development relying on their respective rich experiences, good decision-making and judgment abilities. They respectively manage the company's programs like strategies, financing, marketing, financial affairs and studies. Ranging from 40 to 50 years old, masters to doctors, ordinary universities and colleges to EMBA, it's due to their structural differentiation of age, experience, background and specialty that Akcome has been growing so rapidly in terms of science and technology. Meanwhile, under the support from IBM Global Business Services, Akcome has achieved management reform and corporate transformation. With the concerted efforts of both insiders and outsiders, Akcome's management team is not only endeavoring to be a leadership team featuring high anti-risk capability, great wisdom and a strong sense of responsibility, but also leading everyone else in Akcome to pursue further development!

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