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Care about employees

As a newly established enterprise, Akcome has relatively young employees. In order to make young employees feel they are at home, Akcome exerts efforts in many aspects. It not only makes convenience as much as possible for employees in housing, transportation and telecommunication, but also hears their suggestions through exchange with them in many ways, formulates improved compensation system, be attentive to their needs in every possible way and organizes plentiful entertainment activities. All of these make Akcome a big exciting and happy family.

Akcome do what it can do to make convenience for employees in housing, transportation and telecommunication. Employees who just graduated from college or university are offered free dormitory for the first six months of their coming to Akcome; those who live in Jiangyin, Zhangjiagang and Wuxi can take the shuttle bus for free and those who drive cars gets some subsidy. Besides, employees are paid a quantity of telecommunication subsidy. On festivals or celebration days, for example, Mid-autumn Day, Dragon Boat Festival and International Working Women's Day (on March 8th), Akcome will grant the staff corresponding compensation as welfare.

Akcome has been taking employees’ growth and development as the core of human resource management. Akcome formulated a standardized management procedure that combines performance management and career development management. Having been given a clear guidance on career development, employees are offered promotion opportunities in two directions, management promotion and professional promotion. Besides, Akcome has a complete and systematic compensation system. Salary is adjusted each year according to performance and rising range of CPI.

In year of 2009, Akcome Business School created “E-learning” that is an electronic learning platform enabling effective learning in an all-round way and many forms. By year of 2011, there are already more than 1000 courses offered at E-learning. This self-dependent learning mode is beloved by employees. In year of 2010 and year of 2011, over 90% of employees have participated in learning with this platform. This makes it the No.1 brand among Akcome’s training programs. Akcome also has a variety of off-line training programs, including new employee orientation training, on-the-job training, skill training, promotion training, as well as self-dependent learning organized within department and leadership training that helps personal improvement. From now on, Akcome will also develop lecturer team of its own and establish enterprise university step by step.

"Akcome People" plays an important role in publicity of enterprise culture and functions as a platform for internal publicity and communication. In May 2009, Paper “Akcome People” was created and 30 issues have been published up to date The “Akcome People” has been publicizing excellent culture to employees. In achieving this goal, a large number of writings are accumulated and thus become records of Akcome’s growth and development.

In addition, Akcome’s many other moves also reflect human-oriented solicitude for employees. For example, employee will receive cash as company’s greeting on his or her birthday; and at the end of year end, employees will receive new year’ desk calendar and greetings card; on the first working day after new year holiday, employees will receive amount of money contained in a red paper as gift and Akcome gives employee a amount of cash to celebrate their marriage, having a baby, or as condolence for the “pass away” of their direct relative. The Employee Service Department, which is set up under the Human Resource Center of Akcome Group, conducts employee satisfaction degree research monthly. For opinions and suggestions from employees, special persons will follow and take measures to make correction or improvement.


In order to make employees feel they are at home, Akcome organizes a variety of cultural activities. In addition to the classic event “Beer Festival” and annual meeting that are held annually, Akcome also organizes a variety of cultural activities to let employees have colorful life out of working hours. For example, collective wedding ceremony, fun sport meet, billiard match and Ping-Pong contest, as well as youth association.

Farewell meeting for Akcome Star’s Voyage to Taiwan
Collective wedding for Akcome staff in 2011
Collective wedding for Akcome staff in 2011
Karaoke Contest in 2012
Beer Festival in 2012
Akcome held “happy kitchen” for Women’s Day
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