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Premier 3i innov. contest completes

Release date:2012-07-23  Pageview:4250

On July 20, the 3i-focused innovation contest was held at the presentation hall of the administration building. Mr. Zou Chenghui, president of the Board, and top managerial staff acted as the judge. Nearly 100 persons attended the contest including relevant principals of functional departments and business departments.
This contest was co-sponsored by Operation Optimization Department of the Strategic Development Center of the Group, President Office, and Culture Department. Nine teams from Jiangyin Base, Nantong Base, and Zhangjiagang Base demonstrated their innovations. Nine projects are demonstrated to compete for the first championship for 3i, which includes “Lighter EVA packing rubber film”, “import of the device reducing thermal contraction”, “redesign of cutter”, and “how to win big order”. At last, the work titled “Improving project of circulation of membrane-free internal parts of framework and border.” won the championship, which belongs to the Zhang Xianxue’s team from Nantong Base of Metal Business Department. Besides the contest, there is exhibition of QCC Achievements for the first half of 2012, exhibition of achievements on the first Akcome product package design contest. The first, second and third prize for QCC Achievements and product package design have been granted.
At last, Mr. Zou Chenghui, president of Akcome Group, made a speech for the contest event. He said, since 2008 when the first award for innovation was granted, Akcome has been rarely seen achievement in innovation; the 3i Innovation Contest is of great significance in that it is a demonstration of Akcome staff’s wisdom; what is more important is that the demonstrated projects are all of great significance in terms of demonstration effect. He said, this helps to encourage all other departments to think of innovation. By quoting a sentence “Being passionate and imaginative forever, and paying effort unceasingly”, he encourages all Akcome staff to never stop innovation and to deem innovation an integral part of Akcome’s core values. 
The successful holding of the contest means that Akcome has officially initiated the 3i innovation activities. All Akcome staffs are expected to have achievements of their own in 3i by making the best of their knowledge, combing innovative thinking, and steady work.

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