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2012’s focus: operation cost method, performance appraisal & penny saving

Release date:2012-07-30  Pageview:4120

On the morning of July 29, the semi-annual managerial meeting of Akcome Group for the year 2012 was held at the presentation hall of the administration building. Mr. Zou Chenghui, president of the Board, attended the meeting together with all top managerial staff totaling nearly 150 persons including managerial staff above managers at group level.    
At the beginning, Mr. Li Jiakang, deputy president of Akcome Group and general manager of Metal Business Department, made an in-depth analysis of the first half-year operation result of the Metal Business Department and the market situation. Mr. Li said, on the second half of 2012, the Metal Business Department will work hard for the department's continuous development by applying three major measures of “Broadening source of income, optimization and cost reduction” to the three major products that are frames, PV mountings and other manufactured metal products. Following Mr. Li’s address, Mr. Han Jichang, general manager of New Material Business Department, reviewed the operation result achieved in the first half year in respect of sale, purchase, production and operation, quality, R&D technology, and team building; he stressed that in the second half of 2012, the New Material Business Department will enhance the core competitive strength through cost reduction, consistent quality, and more investment in R&D. General manager of Electricity Business Department, noted that the Electricity Business Department is confident of good achievement in the future given the favorable background that the worldwide installed capacity continues to increase and China is facing a favorable prospect of construction of domestic photovoltaic power plant. Mr. Wang Zhibao, who is in charge of the incubation project team, made a detailed report of the products of this team. Mr. Zhu Dongyi, director of Operation Optimization Department of the Strategic Development Center of the Group, described the construction of 3i innovation platform, and noted that to make innovation the core of Akcome needs the joint efforts of all Akcome staff.    
The meeting was ended with a summary made by Mr. Zou Chenghui. By comparing the current situation of PV industry to the migration of Kenyan Gnu, he said, it is all sorts of threats exposed to Gnus when they coming across the river they must pass that help identify the fittest. All industries may undergo summit and depression. However, PV industry has been growing at a rate of 20% since 2000 though currently it is in depression. This indicates that PV industry faces a bright future. Currently, Akcome should do a good job in three aspects, “operation cost method, performance assessment, and strict cost saving”, and work hard together to succeed by firmly holding the values of “serving client being the foremost”.

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