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Akcome Power
Akcome Electricity Power, engaging in the construction of solar terrestrial power station, distributed systems, small off-grid system and in solar terminal applications, is committed to providing professional, high-quality, efficient project development, investment and financing in photovoltaic power plants.
In response to the adverse impact of the industry downturn, Akcome has expanded its line of business and adjusted the development strategy, gradually transforming from a professional supplier of solar accessories to a holding enterprise featuring sustainable development based on the integration of photovoltaic solar energy which is of large scale, intensive, with innovative spirit, a sense of responsibility and brand reputation。
In November 2011, Akcome has acquired Beixiang Renewable Energy Development (Qinghai) Co., Ltd.)
In December 2011, the project of photovoltaic power plant 5MW (I phase) and the 20MW (II phase), implemented by Qinghai Beixiang,has been formally networked and begun to generate power.
Established in March 2012, Akcome Power Development (Xinjiang) Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in the development, application, construction and product sales of solar photovoltaic and solar thermal.
Set up in April 2012, Akcome Power Development (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. is principally involved development, construction and investment in the photovoltaic solar thermal power station as well as equipment accessories sales.
Founded in July 2012, Hongkong Akcome Power International Holding Limited chiefly engages in the investment management of PV modules and photovoltaic power plants and project financing of photovoltaic power plant.

Power Plant Project
Change, Akcome is walking with you
The rampant environmental pollution and serious energy crisis are the problems faced by modern people actually. The clean photovoltaic power plant is becoming one of the important methods to solve these problems.
The Akcome Power is actively devoted to the PV power plant undertaking and takes actions to contribute to the energy development.
Let’s make some changes to create a more beautiful world.

Qinghai Gonghe 25MW Power Plant Project
Xinjiang Jinghe Stage I 20MW Power Plant Project
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