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Akcome Metal
Akcome Metal Dept is mainly engaged in aluminum production and processing, specialized in R & D, producing, processing & selling of solar frames, mounting system; All kinds of hardware products research and development, production and the relevant technology services; Self-supporting and the agent each kind of commodity import and export business.
In March 2006, Jiangsu Akcome solar energy technology co., LTD. is established, which engaged in development, production, sales and related technical services of solar frames.
In April 2010, Suzhou Akcome metal technology co., LTD. is established, which engaged in the solar power installation system product development, design, production and related technical services.
In October 2009, Nantong Akcome Solar Equipments co., Ltd. is established, which engaged in the solar energy equipment dedicated hardware research, development, production & selling; self-management and the agent each kind of commodity import and export business.

Mounting System
It is dedicated to the professional R&D, production and sales of PV mounting systems and related accessories, produces the roof-based mounting system, ground-based mounting system, uniaxial and biaxial tracking systems and, at the same time, contracts the design and installation of photovoltaic power plant projects.
The company, since it was established in 2008, has continued to learn the advanced technologies from Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries, independently research and develop and produce the mounting products with Akcome characteristics that have formed five series, dozens of mounting models suitable for a variety of complex installation environments with independent intellectual property rights.
The company has presently the production capacity of 100MW / month. The company always pays attention to the product quality management that every link from the raw materials entering the site to the processing and manufacturing as well as the product shipments, shall be subject to strict quality inspection to ensure the quality stable, as a result, the quality of produced solar mounting products ranks first in the industry and is praised by the customers at home and abroad.

2008: The R&D center was established; started production in small quantity
2009: Mass production; entered the domestic market and extended to the Australian market
2010: Entering the American market: Supplied the Petra Solar 15MW PV power plant with mountings; established cooperation with First Solar
2011: Since 2008, cumulative installed capacity 200MW
2012: Estimated installation capacity 500MW
In the future: The world’s best PV mounting supplier

Large-Scale Ground-Based Power Plant Mounting System
Spiral pile mounting system
Percussive Drilling Pile Mounting System
Full-Aluminum Ground-Based Mounting System
Thin-Film Model Mounting System
Single-Column Thin-Film Ground-Based Mounting System
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